This indicator finds volume disperse routines for purchase and sell chance. The patterns include provide and demand patterns. You might use each pattern for trading. nevertheless, these patterns are best utilized to detect the demand zone (=accumulation region) and supply zone (=supply area). Demand pattern signals generally potential buying opportunity. Supply pattern indicates generally potential selling opportunity. These are the underlying patterns rather than direct price actions. The impact of buy and sell market may come after observing a few of these patterns sometimes. Therefore, these patterns are useful in discovering possible demand zone (=accumulation area) or supply zone (=distribution area). In overall this is easy and simple indicator to support your trading operation. Trading principle is based on the modified volume spread analysis. We do not use sub phase A, B, C, D and E of Wyckoff phases due to the high subjectivity in detecting them. Instead, we focus on identifying accumulation and distribution area using demand and supply patterns. This is simpler and more effective approach.


Input Recommendation

Most of time you can use default setting for this volume Spread Indicator. However, you might want to tweak around to use for your specific needs. Here is the complete description of input settings.

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Calculation Settings

  • Bars to scan: Amount of bars to calculate demand and supply pattern.
  • Indicator Period: Calculation period to generate each supply and demand patterns.
  • Lookback Factor: 1.0 as default
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: from 0.4 to 1.0 only. (Input used to filter random fluctuations in data.)



Indicator Setting

  • Use white background for chart: Set this to false if you just want to use default black background color.
  • Supply Pattern Color: color of supply patterns.
  • Demand Pattern Color: color of demand patterns
  • Neutral Pattern Color: color of neural patterns or no patterns.


Compatibility with Other Trading System

Volume Spread Pattern Indicator can run best to identify Demand zone (=accumulation area) and supply zone (=distribution area). When you run with Excessive Momentum Indicator, C point of Excessive Momentum become the selling climax (SC) or the buying climax (BC). Then you will use demand and supply patterns to confirm the accumulation area and distribution area for your trading. Both short term and long term trading is possible.

You can use also our Harmonic Pattern System together with Volume spread pattern indicator.

When you are using our Harmonic Pattern System with volume spread pattern indicator, supply and demand patterns will appear around Point D of our Harmonic Pattern System. In addition, you might confirm it with Background signal strength together. For compatibility, use our Trading system together with Volume Spread Pattern Indicator.

Further Note

Volume Spread Pattern Detector is light version (or demo version) of Volume Spread Pattern Indicator. Therefore, you can only access the limited feature in Volume Spread Pattern Detector. In Volume Spread Pattern Detector, you can not use any of alert features and the powerful background signal as the part of your trading. However, you can still use this volume spread pattern detector to get the feel of how this tool can go or fit with your existing system. If you want the full feature, here is the link to Volume Spread Pattern Indicator.

Educational Books for your Day Trading

1. Profitable Chart Patterns in Forex and Stock Market

2. Scientific Guide to Price Action and Pattern Trading

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