From 2020 bonds record systematic losses – they have already acquired the size that the Polish market has never seen before. Since the beginning of the year stocks are falling too and we are approaching a bear market. Inflation is already double-digit – it eats up our savings the fastest in two decades. Additionally, war beyond our eastern border, it prompts us to consider scenarios that might have seemed impossible to do so.

This is what makes us now doomed to invest most since the political transformation. Therefore, in days May 19-20 2022 an online conference will be held HOW TO INVEST ON THE STOCK EXCHANGE. The aim of the project is to show that the stock exchange is great for allocating savings and investing, it can be learned and combined with professional work.

During the event you will be able to:

  • To learn, how to prepare a wallet for the present times?
  • To get to know simple and effective investment strategies
  • See, how the stock exchange works

Program conference includes:

  • 5 discussion panels
  • 25 lectures

Participation in the conference will take a broad representation of the capital market. From the Warsaw Stock Exchange, through brokerage houses, to stock exchange portals and financial bloggers.

To the group people who confirmed participation include Michał Szafrański, Grzegorz Zalewski, Marcin Iwuć, Przemysław Kwiecień, Tomasz Jaroszek, Jarosław Przybył, Jacek Lempart, Tomasz Narkun, Mateusz Samołyk, Przemysław Barankiewicz, Paweł Malik, Radek Chodkowski, Mikołaj Raczyński, Paweł Cymcyk, Tomasz Wyłuda, Dawid Augustyn, Przemek Staniszewski, Emil Szweda, Paweł Bieniek, Adrian Mackiewicz, Paweł Małmyga

Partners Strategic events are:

  • stock Exchange
  • Dom Maklerski BOŚ
  • ING
  • Beta ETF
  • BM Alior Bank
  • Finax
  • XTB

The conference takes place online on days May 19-20. Participation Live is free. More information and registration are available on the conference website.