Currently, there is an epidemic emergency in Poland, which was introduced on May 16 in place of the epidemic. However, this will not cancel many specific provisions, including those relating to labor law. The draft amendment to the Labor Code, which is currently at the consultation stage, will change more in the holidays. It provides, inter alia, a new type of leave that will be granted to the employee due to force majeure.

During an epidemic emergency, the employer retains some rights, for example, he can still send the employee on outstanding leave without his consent. It is worth remembering in the context of the upcoming holidays and the deadline to use the outstanding leave from 2021, which ends at the end of September.

There will be additional leaves for employees

The amendment to the Labor Code provides, inter alia, introduction of a new type of leave for employees due to force majeure. They will have the right to be absent for urgent family matters caused by illness or accident. This leave will be available for 2 days or 16 hours. During this period, the employee will be entitled to half of the remuneration.

Another new type of leave will be unpaid care leave of up to 5 days in a calendar year. It will be possible to use it when there is a need to provide care to a sick family member or household member.

Changes in parental leave

Under the new regulations, parental leave will be extended from the current 32 weeks to 41 if one child is born. Importantly, after the changes, it will not be possible for one parent to use the entire parental leave. He will be able to use a maximum of 32 weeks, while the remaining 9 weeks – the second.

The time after the child’s birth will also be shortened during which the father will be able to use the paternity leave he is entitled to. Currently, she can do this until the child is 24 months old. After the changes, he will have time for this for 12 months after the baby is born.

These changes are dictated by the obligation to implement the Directives of the European Parliament into national law.

Mateusz Boguszewski, chief accountant at inFakt