Gas prices are rising. The main reason is the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine

The war in Ukraine, which was triggered under the guise of interventions in the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts, led to further sanctions being imposed on Russia by European countries. It must have produced increased fuel prices in many European countries, including Poland.

In the third week of June, exactly on Tuesday, gas prices began to craze in the world markets after reports of major problems at the Freeport terminal and the announced cuts in Russian Gazprom’s supplies to Germany due to problems with NordStream. It can be said that Europe has found itself in a gaseous grip – on the one hand of Russia, but also of the US, because a fire recently broke out at a gas terminal in the US freeport, which is one of the two largest LNG terminals in the US today.

The halt in US gas exports triggered a reaction in the commodity markets. The price of LNG in futures contracts on the US stock exchanges fell by as much as 20 percent. In Europe, on the other hand, rates soared.

Rebound in copper prices

In the London Stock Exchange last week there was a noticeable rebound in the range copper prices. All this after better macro forecasts from China, which is one of the largest copper importers in the world. As a result, copper in 3-month deliveries on the London Stock Exchange was valued 0.5 percent higher, at $ 9,278 per ton to be exact. At Comex, the metal cost $ 4.2160 per pound, up 0.96 percent.

Drop in oil prices

The end of the third week of June brought drops in crude oil prices. This is the first week from April with a weekly discount in quotation. Investors are concerned about the consequences of further tightening of monetary policy by central banks, which may lead to a slowdown in economic growth. Such a situation could reduce the demand for fuels.

As a result of West Texas Intermediate oil barrel in July deliveries, it cost USD 116.88 on NYMEX in New York, or 0.60 percent. less a Brent crude oil on ICE in London, deliveries for August were priced at USD 119.21 per barrel – down 0.50 percent.

CEZ takes over Skoda JS

CEZ Group will soon be the sole owner of Skoda JS, a Czech engineering and production company with experience in building and servicing nuclear power plants. With the acquisition of CEZ, it will also acquire shares in UJV Rez, which will increase its share in the company from 52.46%. up to 69.85 percent

Bitcoin below the level of 20 thousand. dollars

A few weeks ago, it seemed that Bitcoin had such a good, stable position that any declines would not cause major changes in its valuation. Meanwhile, on June 18 BTC price fell below 20 thousand USD. The sale on this most important cryptocurrency in the world is in full swing. Analysts even say that Bitcoin may not reach a valuation of 10,000. USD.

Rising dollar at the end of the third week of June

On Friday morning, June 17, U.S. Dollar recorded a slight increase, thus rebounding from the weekly low. This took place after a two-day decline, which was mainly caused by the decision made by the Fed to raise interest rates in the United States.

The US dollar index, which tracks the dollar against a basket of other currencies, rose 0.57 percent. to 104.014.

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