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Last week, a decision was made to turn off 27 cameras monitoring the progress of the Iranian nuclear program. Commentators perceive this decision as rather distancing from the agreement – but contrary to appearances – it could mean extremely high self-confidence on the part of Iran and paradoxically prove that the agreement is really close. More on this subject in the latest episode of Rynkoego Tankowania on

  • In the 61st episode, the effects of this event and three scenarios that it can cause were analyzed
  • Market Refueling is a program in which Łukasz Skiba reviews the most important events on the oil market.
  • The program partner is the Purple Trading broker

Energy Intelligence on 3 scenarios of the consequences of turning off Iranian cameras

The Energy Intelligence portal assumes three possible forms of development of the situation:

  1. Talks continue, but chances for a breakthrough have declined – The last point is important – that protracted negotiations are not indifferent to Iran’s economy – this week the Iranian rial fell to its lowest level against the dollar in history
  2. Breakdown of talks and regional unilateral action by Israel – analysis indicates five recent killings in Iran and the capture of two Greek tankers by Iran, indicates that this scenario is already developing
  3. The talks are collapsing, but without a major escalation due to the proximity of the US elections scheduled for mid-November – the apparent peace in the event of a possible fiasco would result from the fact that although the UN is to lose the continuity of knowledge about the Iranian nukler program after switching off the cameras, it is Iran would take up to 24 months to produce a nuclear bomb, which gives the US a security buffer.


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