A week ago we wrote about the end of trading short in the sense of not breaking new global lows, assuming that there is a rebound of declines that enjoys, and maybe even more enjoys all spot traders. The local look (1H) shows a weak but still upward trend in which we successfully trade short on the group for the scenario that wave B has ended and wave C continues, whose task is to break the bottom of wave A, and we trade LONG for the scenario that wave B continues and again we will see a local peak. This trade is short in time, I would even call it a delay because both positions have already been partially executed and they are waiting quietly secured BE, to join longer moves I would like to see a dip below the bottom of wave A and look for signals to increase there. Can it happen so that we do not see wave A, i descend below the trough? BTC will continue its growth? Of course it can, so long positions after partial execution will be carried out on higher and higher lows until they break.