Jacek Wojciechowicz, president of the management board of Inno-Gene SA
Jacek Wojciechowicz, president of the management board of Inno-Gene SA

The first genome-wide laboratory in this part of the world will enable the most advanced genetic tests to be conducted without the need to send samples abroad. This will significantly reduce the costs of the entire procedure and shorten the time of the analysis by several weeks. Sensitive data will be stored only on national servers. The new research unit was established on the initiative of a consortium of Polish entities with the participation of the listed company Inno-Gene SA

Inno-Gene SA sets new standards

A modern laboratory located in Warsaw will make it possible to read all genetic information encoded in DNA faster and cheaper than in the case of an analysis commissioned to foreign entities, which will facilitate the testing of predisposition to genetically conditioned and neoplastic diseases and will allow for personalization of treatment.
based on precise data on drug metabolism. There is also a chance for rapid diagnosis of congenital diseases in newborns suffering from metabolic disorders, where the key is to immediately start a properly selected therapy.

The launched unit is also a response to the demands of the community of clinical geneticists. For many years, its representatives have been striving for highly advanced research to be performed in the country, due to the need to ensure maximum protection of sensitive data and to streamline the entire procedure. This goal was achieved in the consortium of Central Europe Genomics Center, the implementer of the Genomic Map of Poland project, and the DNA Research Center, which is part of the INNO-GENE SA Capital Group.

We are ready to begin the first commercial based research o broad interest from public and private entities with whom we remain
in constant contact. We want to focus on the rapid commercialization of our offer so as to optimally use the laboratory’s power and the expert potential of the team we have created. The new research unit will allow us to enter new markets, expand the revenue base and consistently increase the value of the company. We assume that our shareholders will feel the positive impact of this activity already in the results for the second half of this year –
emphasizes Jacek Wojciechowicz, president of the management board of Inno-Gene SA

So far, genetic analyzes – commissioned by hospitals based on funding from the National Health Fund, but also by the police and the prosecutor’s office – have been performed primarily in Asia and the USA. The results were delivered to Poland after about two months. After starting the unit
In Warsaw, the waiting time for them will be shortened by up to six weeks, and the cost of the entire procedure will be reduced several times. The reliability of the data is guaranteed by the experienced team of Polish bioinformatics responsible for data processing and preparation of reports. It is also worth emphasizing that the laboratory has its own servers where patient data will be stored.

The opening of the first full-domain laboratory in Poland is a breakthrough moment for science and business in this part of Europe and an opportunity to develop the life science sector at a global level. It is also an important date for doctors and patients. Lowering the cost of carrying out research is the potential to increase its availability. The shorter analysis time will also be important. Specialized hardware in the form of DNBSEQ-T7 sequencers will allow you to generate as much as 1 ~ 6 TB of high-quality data in one day– explains Jacek Wojciechowicz, president of the management board of Inno-Gene SA

The laboratory will create a reference genome of Poland, i.e. a DNA template, which will support the development of many scientific, medical and commercial projects, including in the field of personalized medicine. the material contained in the cell does not change over time.

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