Morning with the markets - currencies, Bitcoin, commodities, DAX and metals 07/16/2020 [WIDEO]During the daily briefing under the name of “Morning with the markets”, the macroeconomic calendar is discussed for each session and over a dozen investment values. How will the euro, dollar, DAX and commodity prices change during the day? Check out the latest episode of the market review at!

Consolidation on precious metals

Precious metals have recently generated a growth movement, trying to stay in this structure. While many Wall Street analysts estimate a further decline in metals, for the time being, it looks as if they were trying to do so in spite of it. The indexes, in turn, cannot catch the wind in the sails, going up and back every move. We invite you to a morning review of the most important values.


A detailed discussion of the above-mentioned securities and a number of other currency pairs in the next installment of the morning with the markets:

A morning with the markets is a comprehensive overview of the key investment values, where the most interesting possible trading opportunities are discussed. The morning analysis presents the situation both from the technical and macroeconomic side, thanks to which you will not miss any aspect of a given investment day.

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