30% of companies have to deal with rumors and hate online. Every fourth organization has to defend its good name due to a product defect. One in five struggles with a crisis because of a conflict with a business partner. And you – are you still wondering whether to spend time in crisis management?

PR agency suggests what to do in a situation of “Houston, we have a problem”

The crisis hits suddenly. Even if the company has had an unblemished reputation so far, it is worth being careful, as its effects can severely damage its condition. As shown in the “Crisis Management Report in Polish Enterprises”, in the event of a crisis, one in four Polish companies recorded a decrease in sales, revenues or stock exchange quotes. In every seventh organization, the crisis led to a trial. In every fourteenth until forced reduction of employment. Properly planned crisis management can reduce losses. There are several “hot spots” that can, however, exacerbate the conflict – suggests the PR agency:

  • no company comment on the situation,
  • too late reaction,
  • avoidance of responsibility,
  • concealing essential information.

What tools can support crisis PR? PR agency suggests:

  • a manual of anti-crisis measures containing information on procedures implemented during a crisis,
  • hierarchy of threats with the probability of their occurrence,
  • a list of questions and answers about the source of the crisis, planned remedial steps,
  • communication strategy with the media and other stakeholders,
  • a package of information and recommendations for employees, specifying what steps they should take in the situation, how they can help and how the crisis will affect their duties or professional position.

You should also assemble an appropriate team, which should include a PR specialist, subject matter experts, legal advisers and a person who will liaise with the media on behalf of the company.

Finally, is it possible to correctly answer the question “What color is your PR?”. The PR agency is responsible for:

The company’s PR cannot be translated into a zero-one system. It cannot therefore be white or black. It’s a whole range of colors. Their shades depend only on efficient management and preparation for crises that may appear in any company in the 21st century. Regardless of its size or industry – sums up the Commplace expert (PR agency).