Elon Musk EA trading robot is the result of many years of work of programmers and leading experts of Forex trading. This algorithm was created to free traders from incessant monitoring of the market situation and making hundreds of routine operations. The bot takes upon itself all tasks which face the trader, beginning from the deep analysis of the market and finishing fulfillment of transactions.

Unlike a human, the program is not distracted by everyday matters, doesn’t sleep and doesn’t get tired. Elon Musk EA works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and makes several profitable deals every day. When making decisions, the bot takes into account 16 key indicators of Forex volume simultaneously. Using the bot on real accounts of leading brokers FusionMarket and Lmax confirmed that the profit factor of Elon Musk EA is 74%.

How to Start Trading with Elon Musk EA: A Step-by-Step Algorithm

One of the main advantages of the bot, the authors of Elon Musk EA say, is the easy installation and use of the program. To start trading on Forex using this software algorithm, it is enough to do the following:

  • Open the official website – elonmuskea.com;
  • Write to the author of the project and get a link to the archive with files for downloading;
  • Download the bot on your PC;
  • Open a trading account with any ECN/DMA broker;
  • Rent a VPS-server in London and install the bot on your account;
  • Run the program, log in, select currency pairs, apply the pattern and start trading.

The whole process of installing, configuring and starting the trading robot of Elon Musk EA will not take more than 5 minutes. After that the program will perform all the operations by itself and the trader will only have to periodically withdraw profit and, if necessary, adjust the settings to the state of the market. It’s good that all the settings templates are also available by default

Minimum requirements for a trading account

Elon Musk EA is suitable for both novice traders and experienced Forex players who have been trading in the market for more than a year. The robot can work with the account opened at any broker MT4 and MT5.Also there is an impressive list of the recommended brokers for work. The choice is yours, there are no restrictions. Minimum recommended deposit is from $ 100, as the bot does not require a large amount of margin. That is also a big plus to start.

The key advantages of the Elon Musk EA robot

Experts who presented ElonMuskEa note that the trading robot has a number of objective advantages.

The most significant of them are:

  • compatibility with most popular brokers;
  • accurate trading signals based on the results of deep market analysis;
  • currency rates prediction on a new strategy developed in 2022;
  • Sophisticated risk management module;
  • no “Martingale” and other high-risk strategies.

More than 500 traders from all over the world successfully use Elon Musk EA. And during all this time there was not a single case of losing a trading account. Thanks to an innovative algorithm of risk management, the program does not open more than 1 trade per currency pair at a time. This approach allows to exclude big losses in case the forecast proves to be wrong. And the high Profit factor guarantees that in the medium and long term robot Elon Musk EA will always be profitable. Tested personally with different brokers.