On the WSE, WIG-20 made up for morning losses and was at the same level as it closed on Friday. Cheap bank shares – WIG-Banks lost almost 3 percent. and was at its lowest in over a year. Their at least annual lows were set today by the share prices of PKO BP, Pekao, mBank, ING BSK, Millennium and Alior Bank. WIG-Górnictwo also recorded its 1.5-year low today in the morning, but in the afternoon the index increased by 1.83 percent.

Yields of 10-year European government bonds were rising today, but remained below their cyclical highs from 3 weeks ago.

Crude oil contracts increased for the second consecutive session (WTI +1.76%, Brent +1.71%). MYMEX also tried to make up for natural gas prices for the second session in a row in a row in June (+1.66%). Today the copper contracts at COMEX were the cheapest in over a year.

The EUR / USD exchange rate remained below 1.05, but did not attack the long-term lows set in May and June (+0.08%).

The zloty was weakening slightly (EUR / PLN +0.31%, USD / PLN +0.3%).

Bitcoin’s rate against the US dollar remained below USD 20,000 (+1.2%).