The XTB brokerage house is expanding its offer.  Time for holiday changes!The past weeks were full of market volatility, and the economic and geopolitical situation in the world means that this summer on the financial markets will not bring the usual respite for investors. The potential energy crisis, high inflation and the exceptional weakness of the Polish currency are just some of the factors encouraging to actively seek investment opportunities on the financial markets. It is also worth adding to them the changes made by the XTB brokerage house in its offer.

In the article you will learn, among other things:

Even more instruments in the XTB offer

The massive sell-off that the cryptocurrency market has experienced in recent months has led to a test of key levels on Bitcoin and Ethereum charts. For many, the current price levels seem attractive, others – are waiting for the downturn to continue. In order to meet the expectations of its clients, the XTB brokerage house introduces to its offer contracts for difference on 30 new cryptocurrencies. From July 17, XTB clients can invest in such projects as: APECOIN, DECENTRALAND, IOTA, NEO, TRON, WAVES, ZCASH and others.

The changes are not limited to the crypto market, however. The broker adjusts its offer of real shares and ETFs to the requirements of its clients, extending it by over 65 securities. Investors looking for access to Asian stock markets will certainly welcome the fact that XTB’s offer also includes CFDs on two new stock indices – based on the Hang Seng 50 CH50cash index and the IND50cash index following the changes of the Indian Nifty 50.

Lower minimum order value

However, the changes in XTB’s offer do not only concern the number of available instruments. Polish brokerage house it also lowered the minimum order value for stocks and ETFs depending on the quote currency.

Until now, this limit was PLN 500, but after the changes, the minimum order value for shares and ETFs listed on the Polish stock exchange is only PLN 10. Lowering the minimum order value for stocks and ETFs will allow XTB clients to balance the components of their investment portfolios even better.


Lower oil spreads

Although the second quarter of this year turned out to be a bit calmer, the situation on the crude oil market still attracts the attention of many. Investors in the commodity market can enjoy lowering standard spreads on OIL and OIL.WTI instruments. After the changes, they will be only 3 pipsinstead of the previous four.


Invest with the new XTB offer

The brokerage house also introduced cosmetic changes in the trading hours of some CFDs based on indices, bonds and commodities. A full description of the changes that will enter into force on 17 July 2022 can be found here. Shared CFDs (Contract For Difference) give traders benefits in the form of zero commissions, low spreads and the possibility of using financial leverage. Thanks to it, the investor needs only part of the funds to open a position.

For example, when you decide to open a position on new cryptocurrency market instruments worth $ 10,000, your margin will only be $ 5,000. Keep in mind that the volatility in the cryptocurrency market is enormous – even without considering leverage. With its help, investors have a chance to achieve very high profits, but it should be remembered that this mechanism can also cause deep losses.

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