Only luck saved the forester in the Cisna Forest District from serious injuries when he hit a nail stuck in a tree with a saw. This is the second such attack by eco-terrorists in the Bieszczady Mountains in recent weeks. On the other hand, on the social networks of the Dziki Ruch Oporu organization, criminal threats have appeared against employees of the State Forests – there is an announcement of harassment of their families and children, and the intrusion of homes. The police and the prosecutor’s office were notified.

During forestry work in the Smerek Forest District in the Cisna Forest District, a forestry worker came across metal stuck in a tree with a saw. Metal fragments could seriously injure the people working around them. After checking the surrounding trees with metal detectors, the foresters found four more fir trees with studded nails. Some of them had metal stuck high up, which endangered the health and even life of carpenters working in the sawmill if such a tree had found their way to them.

A similar event took place a few weeks ago in the Lutowiska forest inspectorate. There, however, it was possible to discover the hammered nails before starting forest works.

On the other hand, entries with criminal threats against employees of the State Forests appeared on the website of the Dziki Ruch Oporu organization on the popular social networking site. There was an announcement of harassment of the forester’s family, his children, and of intruding him in his private home.

The police and the prosecutor’s office were notified of another attempted attack and criminal threats.

– Aggression of pseudo-ecologists poses a direct threat to the health and life of foresters. The intensification of their criminal activities is also the result of consent to such behavior on the part of official ecological organizations, which not only disseminate false or manipulated information about the activities of the State Forests, but also began to break the law themselves. A few days ago, Greenpeace spokesman Marek Józefiak publicly suggested that foresters were behind the bandit attack on protesting ecologists, and then this organization officially stated that the spokesman’s words express its position – emphasizes the spokesman of the State Forests Michał Gzowski.

Activists have now begun massively spreading false information that the State Forests were exporting harvested trees to China – it is not true, Forests do not export timber. It is also untrue that under the present governments the “mass deforestation” began – in fact, only a part of the annual increase is harvested, which makes the forest area grow every year. The amount of harvest in individual forest districts is strictly defined in 10-year plans based on studies approved by the ministry. Moreover, many of the plans still in force were approved under previous governments.

It seems that planned hybrid actions have started against the State Forests, aimed at imposing on Polish public opinion that foresters, who have guarded our forests for almost a hundred years, are a threat to Polish nature and the company should be liquidated. Polish-language media and popular social networking sites are used for this. The State Forests do not hide their opposition to the EU plans to introduce the “Ready for 55” climate package, which is disastrous for the Polish economy, which will result in, among others, the collapse of the wood industry, unemployment for almost half a million people and the introduction of a ban on entry to every tenth forest in Poland. We say no to it, which is why we have become the number one enemy of international environmental organizations – indicates Michał Gzowski.

Source: State Forests