Communication and Promotion Office The Ministry of Justice informs: The Ministry of Justice has signed an agreement with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), which will strengthen the legal protection of children.

“I am glad that the Ministry of Justice has signed a memorandum on cooperation with UNICEF, although the direct impulse to start it are the tragic events related to Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine and the wave of refugees that Poland received, unprecedented since World War II. However, thanks to our cooperation, activities for children will be even more effective, said Deputy Minister of Justice Marcin Romanowski at today’s (September 9) press conference. He added that for centuries Poland has been a friendly haven for people of various nationalities, cultures and religions fleeing persecution.

“At the same time, Poland was in the 20th century a victim of two bloodiest totalitarian regimes – German National Socialism and Russian Communism. We understand the value of freedom and its importance in protecting a sovereign state. 6 million Polish citizens died in the struggle for these values, or because of their lack, ”the minister pointed out. He stressed that the persecution did not destroy our national identity, based on Christian values, where the inherent and inalienable dignity of the person is the basis of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

“That is why it was natural for Poles and the Polish state to receive and take care of millions of refugees, women, children, the elderly, fleeing the Russian aggression in Ukraine,” argued Marcin Romanowski.

As emphasized by the minister, the Ministry of Justice protects children from harm, implements the idea of ​​a child-friendly justice system and cares for their proper development in the family. “We treat children and their needs with respect and care. We protect their rights, not forgetting their obligations, ”said Marcin Romanowski. The manifestation of these activities is, among others. the anti-violence law prepared in the Ministry of Justice, which introduced an immediate order to evict the perpetrator of violence from the apartment.

“For a year now, a special team has been operating in the Ministry of Justice, which is preparing a national action plan to protect children from sexual offenses. Many of the activities implementing these projects will be implemented in cooperation and thanks to the substantive and financial support of UNICEF, ”said the deputy minister.

“The judiciary led by the ministry uses a number of very good practices that we want to expand on the international forum. The protection of children depends on us. I am very glad that cooperation with the Ministry of Justice will help to make every child feel safe, ”emphasized UNICEF National Emergency Response Coordinator Rashed Mustafa Sarwar. He added that, together with the Ministry of Justice, the organization he represents in our country will strengthen the child protection system.

“Children, Polish, Ukrainian and refugee children have similar needs regarding the protection of their rights. Our task is to ensure that they have adequate access to legal support, ”pointed out Rashed Mustafa Sarwar.

He reminded that Poland is one of the founding countries of UNICEF and made a huge contribution to the creation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. – Poland’s activities are an excellent basis for future initiatives – assessed the representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund.

The agreement of the Ministry of Justice with UNICEF is the basis for a jointly prepared action plan, which indicates projects that will be supported by UNICEF. The talks concern the package of friendly access to justice for children, which includes, inter alia, plain language instructions and training for judges to better prepare them to conduct proceedings with minors.

The cooperation of the Minister of Justice with UNICEF is undertaken on the basis of the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Poland and UNICEF of August 24, 1961, setting out the framework for cooperation between UNICEF and the Republic of Poland, and the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Poland and UNICEF of March 17, 2022 on the consent to establish the presence of UNICEF on territory of the Republic of Poland.

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