How popular are the commercial premises offered in residential investments? In which designs are they available? How much are? The survey was developed by the real estate website

Andrzej Oślizło, president of the management board of Develia SA

Service outlets are very popular, especially in our projects in city centers. Currently, we have the last space available at Kamienna 145 in Wrocław and in the Słoneczne Miasteczko investment in Kraków. We also prepare the offer of premises in subsequent projects. As a rule, service premises located on the ground floor constitute 5-10 percent. of our entire offer. The greater the commercial potential of a given location, the more space of this type we are building.

Angelika Kliś, member of the management board of Atal

The interest in commercial premises in our investments is very high. Customers prefer ground-floor premises with sites. The price of the premises depends on the city and the project. For example, in Wrocław, in the Nowe Miasto Różanka investment, the prices range from PLN 7,000-10,000 net / sq m. The units in the Atal Olimpijska investment were offered for PLN 10,000 net / sq m. and at the moment we do not have available space, all of them are already reserved.

Cezary Grabowski, Sales and Marketing Director of Bouygues Immobilier Polska

We carry out our projects in locations that are also attractive from the point of view of entrepreneurs looking for commercial space. This fact determines the very high interest in commercial premises in these investments. We currently offer commercial premises in four locations: Essentiel Talarowa in Warsaw, Vilda Unique and Vilda Moderne in Poznań and Sienkiewicza Residence in Wrocław. The prices of commercial premises start from PLN 10,200 net per square meter.

Joanna Janowicz, managing director at Constructa Plus

The interest in purchasing service premises is really high when it comes to Kościelna 23, our investment in Jeżyce in Poznań. It is a popular district of Poznań, which is an attractive alternative to the center and the vicinity of the Old Market Square for people who want to spend time in an interesting environment. We chose the location of the investment carefully, so we are not surprised by the great interest, and we can boast that we have commercialized 1,600 out of a total of 1,800 sq m. space intended for service premises. The offer still includes two, approximately 100-meter-long, premises where you can successfully run a gastronomy, beauty salon or even a dental clinic. The price per square meter is subject to individual arrangements related to our commitment to prepare the premises for a specific type of activity.

Andrzej Gutowski, vice president, sales director of Ronson Development

Service premises in our investments sell the fastest, there is the greatest demand for them. At the present stage, we have available premises in the Osiedle Vola investment, which will be built at the intersection of Studzienna and Jana Kazimierza streets in Warsaw’s Wola district.

Zuzanna Dobra, Commercial Director at Eco Classic

We sell multi-stage housing estates and such investments have great potential for services and trade. In the Moja Północna investment, planned for 800 apartments, in the second stage we only have 3 apartments with an area of ​​57 sq m. and 80 sq m In Gdańsk, in the Wolne Miasto investment planned for 1,200 units, we have only one ready unit for sale with an area of ​​62 sq m. and four apartments in the building, which is scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Janusz Miller, Sales and Marketing Director of Home Invest

Interest in commercial premises depends primarily on the location of the investment. In our offer, service premises in the Apartamenty Przy Agorze 6 investment in Bielany were very popular. We sold most of the premises at a very early stage. On the other hand, we have excluded the last two units from sale and will soon be offering for rent. Currently, ready-made premises are still waiting for buyers in the Apartamenty Oszmiańska 20 investment, which is located only 350 m from the Targówek Mieszkaniowy metro station. The cheapest place can be bought there for PLN 424 thousand. PLN net.

Małgorzata Ostrowska, director of the Marketing and Sales Division at JW Construction Holding SA

We have commercial premises for sale or rent, in the Hanza Tower building in Szczecin, which was commissioned this year. It is an apartment-commercial high-rise building in which we have designed a living space with 480 apartments and a comfortable place for business, equipped with appropriate infrastructure. The largest unit in this building is located on the ground floor, it has 2,169 sq m. space and the adjacent delivery zone with a ramp with an area of ​​143 sq m, entrances from the outside and exhibition windows visible from the street. Suitable for a large-area store. There are also smaller premises on the ground floor with entrances from the street, with an area of ​​25 sq m, 116 sq m, 125 sq m, 186 sq m. and 224 sq m, suitable for a pastry shop, bakery, drugstore, pharmacy, boutique or gallery. On the first floor, there are premises that can be service-oriented, but can also be used as offices of 219 sq m, 529 sq m. and 756 sq m and a facility suitable for a gym with an area of ​​839 sq m. Prices start from PLN 8,780 net per sqm. Hanza Tower is located in a prestigious location in the center of Szczecin. Noteworthy is the high standard of finishing of the common areas. The building has a reception hall, a swimming pool and an observation deck on the top, 27th floor, which is serviced by 12 passenger lifts and a goods lift for a passenger car.

Edyta Kołodziej, Sales and Marketing Director at Nickel Development

Service premises are available in the offer of our ST_ART Piątkowo and FIQUS Marcelin investments. In the first of them, there are still 5 units with an area from 104 sq m. up to 271 sq m, and new buyers will surely be pleased with the fact that some entrepreneurs have already moved into the premises, which is already attracting customers. The location is conducive to running a business related to the beauty industry, such as a hairdressing or beauty salon, as well as retail trade. In the case of FIQUS, there is one more place that will be perfect as an office for a creative industry company or private coworking.

Marcin Michalec, CEO of Okam

In particular, premises for catering services, small grocery stores as well as health and beauty services with an area of ​​over 100 sq m are very popular. We also have this type of service premises in our first residential project in Łódź – Strefa Progress. Their prices range from PLN 11,000 to PLN 12,000 net per sqm.

In the Warsaw district of Żerań, where we are ultimately planning to implement a multi-stage, diversified investment on a plot of 62 ha, we have a wide rental offer. Under flexible conditions, interested companies or organizations can use service and office spaces, warehouse and production halls, as well as open yards, parking lots and advertising spaces for various purposes. Office space between 20 sq m and 1000 sq m can be rented from EUR 7.5 / sq m, production and warehouse spaces from 100 sq m. we offer rents from EUR 2.25 / sq m, and squares cost from EUR 1 / sq m. The complex has a railway siding, parking spaces, good connection to the center of the capital and is close to the S8 expressway. There are bus and tram stops as well as bicycle paths in the area.

Joanna Chojecka, sales and marketing director for Warsaw and Wrocław at the Robyg Group

We are observing a trend of concentrating the sphere of purchases and services within the estate. The pandemic has resulted in our clients avoiding large facilities and crowded places, and they want to settle as many things as possible near their place of residence. That is why we expect commercial premises in housing estates to become more and more popular, and Robyg has such an offer in virtually every investment. In addition, when designing our investments, we try to use the idea of ​​15-minute cities. A 15-minute city means a city in which human needs are put first, making it possible to meet them in about a quarter of an hour from leaving home – on foot or by bicycle. This concept is considered a panacea for the problems of the modern world, especially globalization, loosening social ties and climate change. When designing new housing estates, we take into account not only the needs of future residents, but also people who already live in the vicinity of the areas designated for a new investment. We verify what facilities are available in a given area and design our investments to complement the missing functions. It happens that we not only initiate the creation of appropriate infrastructure, but also build it ourselves or with the help of local governments almost from scratch. At the moment, over 70 percent. of our investments are implemented in accordance with the concept of 15-minute cities, and in accordance with the implemented ESG strategy, their number will increase to 80 percent. by 2025.

Dariusz Nagórski, Investment Director at Aria Development

The commercial premises in Osiedle Natura 2 were sold before the commencement of commercialization of the investment. They have been designed so that they can be used primarily by residents. They will include, among others grocery store and kindergarten.

We currently offer three modern office premises for rent in the center of Legionowo with a total area of ​​120 sq m. The office space is located on the second floor of the building next to the City Hall at 28 Piłsudskiego Street. The building has been designed according to the latest trends in service and office premises. It has air conditioning, a kitchenette, full sanitary facility, monitoring, elevator, underground garage and broadband internet connection.

Mariola Żak, sales and marketing director at Aurec Home

We are currently selling flats from the green Miasteczko Jutrzenki estate, which has an extensive commercial and service infrastructure. There are numerous grocery stores and service premises on its premises. In addition, the InPost parcel locker, which will quickly and conveniently facilitate the sending and collection of parcels. Our clients in the Miasteczko Jutrzenki estate will also find a kindergarten and cafes. The interest in the premises is very high. The potential of the estate, which will soon be inhabited by 850 residents, attracts entrepreneurs and network companies.