In the period from March 2020 to June 2021, 15 accidents occurred while performing remote work were reported to the National Labor Inspectorate. Unfortunately, 11 of the victims died there, mainly due to circumstances known as “medical emergencies”. Can the health and safety rules implemented by employers also translate into safe behavior at home?

We associate the abbreviation of OHS primarily with the workplace. No wonder, because this is where employers are required to provide their employees with conditions for performing daily duties, as well as training in the provisions and rules of health and safety at work. However, it is worth remembering that “health and safety” is a set of rules that must also be followed at home, because accidents are one of the most common hazards that might not happen at all if basic safety rules were followed.

The house should be associated with safety, unfortunately, this is where accidents happen most often. According to the report of the Central Statistical Office “Emergency aid and medical rescue in 2021”, medical rescue teams performed almost 3.1 million departures / departures as part of medical rescue operations. Most – 79.6% – were those at the patient’s home (1.7 pp more than in 2020), of which 4.2% concerned children and adolescents up to 17 years of age, 40.6% between 18 and 64 years of age, while 55.2% of people over the age of 65.

– It is impossible not to mention accidents at work remotely, because it has become a standard for many people. Although most companies have returned to the pre-pandemic working model, the so-called home office has become a part of the characteristics of some professions, in particular those previously performed from the office. Therefore, it is important to learn to follow the basic safety rules when working from home, because accidents while working remotely, although they occur less frequently, statistically have more tragic consequences. This is confirmed by the data quoted by the Chief Labor Inspector – out of 15 reported accidents that were supposed to occur while performing remote work, as many as 11 injured died in them – says Joanna Misiun, Work Safety Expert at W&W Consulting.

The statistics are therefore very alarming and it is urgent to create correct behaviors also at home, which is why knowledge about health and safety from work is useful.

– It is often the only place where security is discussed at all, because the legal framework is one of the important conditions for shaping the culture of security, and which, if properly cared for, become a determinant of good habits over time. However, these good habits need to be nurtured, which is what OSH specialists do in their daily work. Importantly, as reported by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, OSH is becoming more and more important also for jobseekers, because, inter alia, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected expectations and attitudes regarding occupational health and safety. Thus, all forms of education, raising the level of awareness of the occurrence of threats and ways of effective protection against their effects, make it easier for people to understand the employer’s expectations towards their behavior, and additionally they themselves see the benefits arising from them and translate them into private life. This is very important, for example, when raising children, as they are much more vulnerable. Above all, they should be taught to assess risk and avoid potential, risky behaviors – adds the W&W Consulting expert.

The accident in August this year, in which a 12-year-old girl was badly damaged during field work, shows how important this type of education is. It is worth feeling responsible not only for your own fate, but also for the fate of other people, and help the youngest to understand how important responsible behavior is in everyday situations that may pose a threat.

Source: W&W Consulting