Hello, Maciek from this site and on the occasion of my previous analysis where I described the price gaps, why they are and the forgotten places where the market can return, and of course he did it.

What he can do next BTC due to the lack of important places in relation to the levels at lower price levels – BTC can just capitulate … what do I mean ???

Of course, you will make a significant trace on the chart to scare weak hands on the market for the last time, and then, in my opinion, we will see in the coming msc – correctional pro-growth movement …

Why a correction move? because we do not have overbalance yet made a black correction, which is still lonely and remembering that the price is moving up / down in the downward trend we have

we should do it, if it happens, time will verify it – I personally think it’s just a formality. Which still won’t change the fact that Bitcoin is in a downward trend.

The places that the price has to be ticked off are marked in relation to Bow prices that are not yet mentioned and there are such premises that the market will do it … in terms of time 🙂

So patience is the key now, and time will verify 🙂

Let the next price gaps be with you !! don’t miss them.



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