Hey! Maciek here and I invite you to update the US dollar to the Polish zloty, which is weakening in front of everyone from month to month.

What is our price structure and what else might happen? I invite you to a brief discussion in a few sentences, because most of them are already visible on the chart itself 🙂

For several months we have been dealing with a strong upward trend, with local corrections – marked with green fields in a semicircle – showing the structure of the price behavior structure.

you can see a slight similarity, which may indicate that if the price now breaks again Internal tendencies from the top – we can witness an increase in the price to around 5 zlotys for 1 dollar.

Which in my opinion is already a psychological barrier – and staying there longer can be difficult due to profit taking by investors. But that’s just my opinion.

We are definitely ahead of an important move – which will show how strong the American dollar can be and whether it will be worth simply taking profits if the barrier is exceeded.

Today is an important day in the context of the FED conference and Powell’s speech that will have a huge impact on price fluctuations – so everything is still ahead of us 🙂

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Patience is a success.


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