The Harmonic Trading Pro Indicator is unlike any other harmonic indicator on the market. This harmonic indicator has a very unique and smart algorithm for detecting the most reliable harmonic patterns. It also displays a panel with all the current harmonic patterns in the corresponding timeframes of the chart.

Harmonic Trading Pro Indicator is probably the most complete indicator for automatically finding harmonic patterns. It has a number of features that make it unique.

  • It confidently detects the patterns Bat (Bat), Alternative Bat (Alt. Bat), Gartley (Gartley), Crab (Crab), Butterfly (Butterfly), Monogram (Cypher) and Shark (Shark)
  • It builds primary, derivative, and additional Fibonacci projections.
  • It evaluates the price behavior in the past and displays all past patterns
  • It implements a multi-timeframe panel
  • It uses breakouts to signal profitable entries
  • It builds all the relationships of the patterns on the chart

Although the underlying projections and Fibonacci coefficients are quite complex, the indicator simplifies the task of finding patterns. Forex-gears is a great tool for better trading on harmonic models. Improve your trading performance with the best harmonic pattern auto-detection indicator! Harmonic patterns can be confirmed by using the divergence oscillator or using the Bollinger Bands. This indicator is a must-have tool for all harmonic model traders!

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When you run the indicator on any chart, you will be asked to specify a number of input parameters. Do not despair if you think that there are too many of them. All parameters are grouped into blocks that do not require explanation. Here’s what each parameter block does.

  • Amplitude-The indicator constantly searches for peaks and troughs. Amplitude is the minimum number of bars at which no peaks and troughs will be detected. Increase the period to see larger patterns and trade within the day. You can set multiple indicators with different periods on a single chart.
  • BreakoutPeriod – The period at which the breakout occurs. (default is 3).
  • Max historyBars-This parameter determines how many past bars are checked. Designed to reduce memory consumption.
  • OnlyPerfectPatterns-Enables displaying only perfect and pure harmonic patterns with perfect ratios.
  • Display Dashboard – ‘True’ for displaying the dashboard. ‘False’ to delete the panel.
  • Draw Triangle-Enable this option to display only unpainted triangles. Designed to reduce memory consumption.
  • Patterns-Select the color of the patterns, turn off or turn on the patterns you need.
  • Labels-Set the font size and color for the labels.
  • Ratios-Adjust the font size and line thickness for the ratios.
  • Breakouts – After the pattern is formed, the indicator waits for a significant breakout to signal.
  • Alerts-Allow on-screen notifications, push notifications, audio and email notifications about patterns and breakouts.

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