This indicator is specially made for binary options trading. The indicator works well with seven currency pairs. EURUSD, AUDCAD,
GBPUSD,  AUDUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY, NZDUSD. The indicator works with online daily quotes on mt4 as well as offline OTC quotes for weekend
tradings. Provided your options broker offer OTC facility for weekend tradings. It is profitable with or without martingale. But more
profitable with martingale of 6 steps maximum. It work on 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes time frames. Set up is very easy. Just
attach the indicator to a preferred currency pair on mt4 and the indicator will show buy and sell arrows at appropriate places indicating
when to buy or sell. You can also set the indicator to give you trade alert via three methods. By popup alert on your computer, by email alert and
by push notification alert. Indicator is even better when used with mt2 trading platform for automated trading. All that is required is for
the user to attach the indicator to his/her preferred currency pairs and link the mt4 platform with mt2 trading platform for automated
trading with your preferred option broker. Best settings will be provided to all subscribers on successful subscription. New updates will
also be provided free during the subsistence of subscription.

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EURUSD                      30 MINUTES         
       1 MINUTE

AUDUSD                      1 HOUR           
           1 MINUTE

GBPUSD                      30 MINUTES       
         1 MINUTE

EURGBP                      15 MINUTES         
       1 MINUTE

EURJPY                       30 MINUTES     
           1 MINUTE

AUDCAD                      30 MINUTES         
       1 MINUTE

NZDUSD                       1 HOUR       
               1 MINUTE

The above settings provide the best results for binary options. There will be fewer trades per day. The user has the discretion to use
martingale if so desire. But the above settings requires no martingale. However the use of martingale will result into more profit for the
user. Provided the user is fine with the attendance increase in risk exposure. The use of martingale will recover all losses and improve
profitability. Maximum 6 steps martingale is adequate to cover all losses.


The indicator can also be used for trend following strategy for all other instruments. All the user requires is to set the preferred time frame
and follow the arrows to sell or buy accordingly. The user can also use any preferable exit plan that is suitable to him once the trade is in
money. It should be noted that as a trend following strategy. The indicator is well suited to all trending markets or instruments.

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