The strategy:

EA strategy is inspired from a profitable strategy
of Mr Rob Hoffman (One of the best traders in the world with multiple prizes on
manual trading) .


The EA search for IRB bars (Inventory
retracement bar), and place sell pending order or buy pending order according
to the trend confirmed by the calculation of a 20 EMA slope degree.

We believe that most of IRB Bar are caused by
huge institutions (Hedge funds …), so the idea is to take benefits from their
very profitable robots.


1.       By very tight trailing stop to avoid loss of profit in case of reversal.

2.       By time, the EA close all unprofitable position within X hours.

3.       (Optional) Emergency Stop Loss triggered by price cross of Slow MA in
the opposite direction.

4.       I avoid the use of a fixed SL, because generally it’s hits by the noise, but
it’s included in parameters if you insist 🙂

3.Number of pending Order:

The EA place a maximum of x pending order, and
it double the lot only of the first position is profitable.

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4.Symbol and time frame.

ONLY EURUSD with M5 Period.

5.GENERAL Parameters.

Lot Size : Fixed Lot size used for trading (without money management).

Money management: (True,False) Enabling Money management ( AutoLot).

Percent of risk : (From 0 to 100) Percent of free margin to trade.

Minimum lot size : Minimum lot size (with money management).

Magic Sell Number: Magic number for sell positions.

Magic Buy Number : Magic number for buy positions.

Maximum number of pending order : Maximum number of pending order in same time.

Number signal bars buffer : Number of bar to be checked for IRB (20 By default).

IRB Deviation : IRB Parameter (10 By default).

Slope of the trend: Angle of the trend (From 0 to 20)

Number of angle Bars : Number of bars for calculate the slope of the trend (5 By default)

StopLoss : Stoploss in points.

Take Profit : Take profit in points.

Trailing STOP : Trailing stop in points.

Trailing Start : Trailing stop start in points.

Trailing Step : Trailing stop Step in points.

Emergency Stop Loss : (True/False) Emergency Stop Loss triggered by price cross of Slow MA.

Closing Non Profit Position by Maximum Hours: (In hours) Time before closing all non profit positions.



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