Reinforced concrete investment idea. Mostotrest. The results are 87.7% per year. – 8 July 2020

Mostotrest investidea

Continuing the description of the investment idea, Mostotrest today published the decisions of the Board of Directors:

08 /07/twenty

On July 7, the Board of Directors of PJSC Mostotrest (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or the “Company”) approved a report on the results of the Company’s shareholders submitting demands to repurchase their shares in PJSC Mostotrest. The buyback was announced on the basis of the decision of the extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of PJSC Mostotrest dated May 18, 2020 on the reorganization of the Company in the form of separation of JSC Roads and Bridges from it. The repurchase price is 220.44 rubles per one ordinary share of the Company.

7,820,613 shares will be redeemed from shareholders (48% of the total number of shares in free circulation, 3% of the total number of outstanding shares of the Company) for a total amount of 1,723,975,929.72 rubles, which is 8.19% of the value of the net assets of PJSC Mostotrest “.

Shareholders who have not presented their shares for redemption will also become shareholders of Roads and Bridges JSC in proportion to the number of shares they hold according to the register data as of the date of registration of the new JSC.

What does it mean?

Shares purchased during the preparation of the investment idea (2019-early 2020) at 90-120 rubles and presented for redemption will be fully paid at a price of 220 rubles. for 1 piece

Total costs per 1000 shares:

1) Purchase of shares – average 100 rubles. = 100,000 rubles

2) Paperwork with a broker – corporate action plus an extract of 1200 rubles.

3) Sending originals by mail – 420 rubles

4) Personal income tax – (220 rubles-100 rubles) * 0.13 * 1000 = 15 600 rubles

Costs from 1000 shares = 117 200 rubles

Repurchase from 1000 shares income = 220,000 rubles

Total annual growth = 102,000 or 87.7% per year.

total 87.7% per year

total 87.7% per year

We determine the real exchange rate of the ruble using the formula

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