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TradingView as an analogue of an analytical platform (in case TOC cannot be registered).

TDAmeritrade has once again complicated the procedure for obtaining real data in the thinkorswim terminal. There are a lot of questions on this topic, but there are no specific instructions on how to register a real thinkorswim account. I will fill this gap in this article.

The article will be revised every time there are difficulties with the TOC registration method below.

The registration procedure is tracked on the server, i.e. we will need to deceive the registrar site and pretend to be a real resident of the USA (it is better to the USA, it will be easier to find the required data)

If you enter the data incorrectly during registration, the registrar’s website automatically transfers you to “paper registration”, ie. to gain access to the LC and TOS, it will be necessary to confirm the entered data by sending a letter with signed papers by mail (not by e-mail, but by mail) in order to confirm that you are indeed a resident of the States. Of course, if you have a person in the States (permanent residence), you can negotiate with him and there will be no problems at all, but not everyone has such acquaintances.

In this case, you need to make it possible to fill out the W-9 form, i.e. continue registration online. To do this, you will need REAL data of a US resident, namely – SSN and full address (zip code, city, state). This data is far from always available for free, but you can combine some things from different resources (more on this below in the video). So use it))) Unsubscribe if they start rejecting registration.

Instructions for registering a real thinkorswim account

TOC registration method without ban

First, you need to remove the installed TOC, if it is installed, of course, then reinstall it (you do not need to launch the platform yet). Then, in the browser, clear the cookies of the sites associated with Thinkorswim or Ameritrade. I’m working with Chrome, so I’ll show for him: you need to drive in the address – chrome: // settings / cookies into the search bar of the browser (in the updated version of Chrome – the link looks like this – chrome: // settings / content / cookies), and delete the aforementioned sites …

clearing site cookies

Next, you need to install a browser extension such as ZenMate, SurfEasy VPN or SaferVPN and enable it after setting the USA location. And only after such manipulations it will be possible to open the page with the registration of a real account. If, after several attempts, registration fails, you must disable the Java application on your computer and try again.

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