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The sales report is one of the key components of business intelligence for companies selling goods or services. Regardless of whether there is an entire department or just one manager, the leader needs an accurate assessment of the effectiveness and percentage of the plan.

Competent accounting allows you to identify ineffective projects, unprofitable goods, incompetent employees and other problems and take timely measures to solve them. Today Reconomica teach business owners the basics of such accounting.

Sales department reporting problems and solutions

The sales department solves the most important task of the business and largely determines its profitability, therefore the work of managers and heads of the sales department is quite intense. Because of this, employees often do not have time to generate detailed and error-free reports. The optimal solution to this problem is the introduction of the automated service “KUB24. Financial Director “.

The program allows you to significantly save time on reporting, improve its accuracy and control indicators that were previously ignored.

The service generates various forms of sales reports, allowing you to compose a complete picture of the department’s work:

  • daily report with dynamics by hour;
  • daily report with comparison of planned and actual indicators;
  • detailed statistics of all stages of the sales funnel;
  • average check and its dynamics;
  • conversion rate and a number of others.

Another problem is the laborious transfer of data from CRM systems and other services to analytics programs. This is where BigData technology comes to the rescue, which is used in “KUB24. FinDirector “- in 10 minutes it processes even the largest data sets and automatically loads them from:

  • Bitrix24;
  • Amo CRM;
  • 1C;
  • Excel;
  • Google services;
  • banks, various payment systems.

The program is intended for independent use by managers. It is not required to involve neither programmers to maintain it, nor financial specialists to explain the results. All data remains confidential and accessible only to trusted users.

Possibilities of the “KUB24. Financial Director “

Sales reports allow the owner of the company to assess the effectiveness of the department, but to improve the sales strategy itself, it is worth using additional analytics:

  1. By goods… For example, an ABC analysis aimed at increasing profits with the same sales volume.
  2. Marketing… To assess the profitability of various advertising channels and select the most promising ones.
  3. By employees… They allow you to identify gaps in the training of managers and eliminate them in a timely manner.

All in all, KUB24. FinDirector ”has more than 50 different reports – in addition to the results in numbers, the platform generates clear graphs, diagrams, dashboards and automatic recommendations for improving current performance.

Due to this, it helps not only to automate reporting, but also to increase sales and optimize the situation in the business as a whole.

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