SQ Swing Fibo Marker

Swing Fibo Marker is an superior adaptive indicator that immediately detects value fluctuations (swings). Soon after detecting a swing, the indicator attracts 5 concentrate on gain amounts, an entry amount, and a halt loss.

Amounts are calculated primarily based on rate fluctuations in accordance with the Fibonacci degrees specified as entry points. When the price tag touches a degree, the indicator generates an inform.

Listing of supported notify sorts:

  • Pop-up alerts
  • The e-mail notification
  • Press notifications
  • Show on the display screen

Instructed timeframe: H1 and increased. The older the timeframe used to decide the wave, the extra stable it is.

  • swingsize – sensitivity of the indicator. Normally takes an integer worth (1,2,3,10,100). The smaller sized the swingsize worth, the far more recurrent the flips will be.
  • entrylevel, firsttarget, secondtarget, thirdtarget, forthtarget, fifittarget – parameters at the Fibonacci ranges. They define entry/exit points.
  • popupalerts, emailalerts, pushnotifications-notification settings, Certainly/No.
  • alertonentry-mail an alert when the rate touches the entry level, Yes/No.
  • alertonsl-mail an alert when the price tag touches the halt decline degree, Sure/No.
  • alertonfirsttarget, alertonsecondtarget, alertonthirdtarget, alertonfourthtarget, alertonfifthtarget-send an notify when the cost touches any of the choose Earnings degrees, Indeed/No.


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