Peter Thiel, co-founders of MSQRD, Tinder and others have invested $ 2 million in Voices, a startup of Russian immigrants.

The company is developing “Substack for Video”, an application for streaming live video and monetizing through subscriptions and donations.

  • The startup Voices of Alexey Bystrov and Alexander Panko raised $ 2 million, one of the co-founders said on his Facebook page. The company is developing an application for live video streaming and monetization, Bystrov told
  • Investors in the round include PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, Signal messenger founder Moxie Marlinspike, Tinder co-founder Justin Matin, Shutterstock founder John Oringer, David and Daniel Lieberman, entrepreneur and venture capitalist Corey Levy, Sway House tiktokers, Marina and Nikolai Davydovyi MSQD , Sergey Gonchar and Andrey Yanchurevich and others.
  • The company was founded in June 2020. The app is currently in beta. The app is slated to launch in spring 2021. Early adopters will be able to sign up for the app by invitation, like the Clubhouse.
  • Authors will be able to monetize their content through subscriptions and donations from users. “The company’s mission is to make the path of content creators a stunning mass phenomenon and contribute to the growth of the middle class of the creative economy,” explained Bystrov.
  • The raised investments will be used by Voices for the company’s growth, he added. The founders name Clubhouse, Tiktok and Only fans as potential competitors. “We can say that we are a Substack for video,” concluded the entrepreneur.

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