Clubhouse reported leaked conversations of some users – a hacker broadcast them to a third-party site Editorial articles

The company has assured that it has permanently blocked this user and introduced new protective measures.

  • On February 20 and 21, an unknown user redirected voice chats from several rooms in the Clubhouse to a third-party site, company spokeswoman Rima Bakhnasi told Bloomberg. The service representative did not disclose other details of the hack.
  • The hacker created his program based on the JavaScript algorithm that was used to create the Clubhouse, according to Alex Stamos, director of cybersecurity company Stanford Internet Observatory and former director of Facebook security.
  • An unknown person actually falsified the application and was able to remotely “share his login with the whole world,” said Robert Potter, CEO of Internet 2.0. The experts interviewed by the publication urged not to rely on confidentiality on the social network.
  • Questions about the privacy of the application have arisen before. The Clubhouse “temporarily” stores call records for moderation, the company said. At the same time, the users themselves are prohibited from recording conversations.
  • In addition, the service uses technology from Chinese startup Agora to deliver real-time audio. The researchers speculate that the Chinese company may be able to access the uncompressed audio stream. They fear that if the Chinese authorities consider any conversation to be dangerous to national security, the company will allow the authorities to examine the recording.

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