Spotify to launch Hi-Fi tariff with higher sound quality in 2021 – Services on

But only in “certain markets”.

  • The streaming service announced this at its own online event, Stream On, reports The Verge.
  • The HiFi tariff will allow you to listen to music in CD quality in a lossless format. Spotify currently gives users 320 Kbps (Ogg Vorbis), and CD quality assumes a bitrate of 1411.2 Kbps.
  • The company has already tested higher quality audio, and now plans to launch this feature for all users, but only “in certain markets,” the newspaper writes. The company did not specify which countries are being discussed.
  • The cost of the HiFi tariff is still unknown. An individual monthly subscription in Russia costs 169 rubles, for students – 85 rubles.
  • The ability to listen to music at a higher bit rate is already available on streaming services Amazon Music, Tidal and others. Apple Music doesn’t have this feature yet.

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