Facebook reaches agreement with Australian authorities to lift ban on local media news Editorial

The authorities changed a bill obliging Facebook and Google to pay for news.

The decision to lift restrictions on Australian media was announced by Facebook. On February 17, the social network banned the sharing of news from Australia, which caused local media to lose 30% of their traffic from abroad.

After further discussion, we are pleased that the Australian Government has agreed to a number of changes and guarantees that address our main concerns about allowing commercial transactions. The changes recognize the value of our platform to publishers versus the value we get from them.

Facebook statement

According to CNBC, the country’s government at the last minute made four amendments to the proposed law requiring tech companies to pay for media content.

  • According to the amendments, before making decisions, the Australian government must consider the value of commercial agreements that Google, Facebook and others have already entered into with local news media.
  • The authorities have pledged to notify digital platforms one month in advance of the final decision.
  • In addition, the amendments provide for a two-month period during which the platform and media publishers can conclude agreements themselves.
  • If both parties cannot reach a commercial deal, then government-appointed arbitrators will do so in favor of one of the parties ․ They will decide the final cost of the deal.

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