what the founders of CloudPayments, “Kitchens on the District” and others listen to after attracting investments – Personal experience on vc.ru

Or an important business partner.

This is a rubric in which entrepreneurs, managers and investors share with the readers of vc.ru the music they listen to (or could listen to) in different situations.

Dmitry Spiridonov

co-founder of CloudPayments

For me, music is a faithful companion in life. I listen to everything, but according to my mood. Sometimes classic, sometimes modern. When the mood is on the rise, something from the old and proven goes perfectly. The Doors, for example, or Jefferson Airplane. Usually from important meetings with partners I go in the car and listen to something from this.

Kirill Nikolaev

co-founder of the HR startup Potok and the Pribor IT hiring platform

Each track from the list has its own reason for being included in the selection: for example, one is associated with a victory in the past, the other gives a feeling of freedom, another simply accelerates a good mood to maximum speed.

Ruslan Gafurov

co-founder of the online workout app Motify

I heard Can’t Hold Us in 2013 – exactly when we launched ZakaZaka. This song also became one of the soundtracks for Jobs: Empire of Seduction starring Ashton Kutcher, the movie I’ve been waiting for.

I was then 24 years old. This was the first Internet project, and I clearly remember the mood when it seemed that we were making a very cool and useful product and we would succeed, although there is an uncharted abyss ahead.

For me, this track became a nostalgia for the time when we were taking our first steps towards IT: no one knew how to do it right, we just listened to our intuition and went ahead.

“My game”, it seems to me, will always be relevant, regardless of the context.

Hypnotized just sounds very beautiful and creates a relaxing vibe when you need to stop thoughts for a while and just enjoy the music.

Ruslan Zaydullin

co-founder of telemedicine service Doc +

I always have a few tracks close at hand that turn on the sexy beast mode in me. Aggressive in a good way (when you feel like a king and at ease), sexy, sometimes funny, listening to which it seems that you are living your life to the fullest, everything will work out for you and in general everything is cheerful. These three tracks are like that.

Kirill Rodin

co-founder of “Kitchen in the District”

When I received my first investment or a cool business partner:

When I met the investor:

When I saw the receipt on the account after signing:

When there was the first meeting with an investor, and you thought that you would go out with investments, but realized that there was still a 10-fund roadshow with your presentation and it was not a fact that you would raise the money:

When an investor said that he was interested, but right at the meeting you were trying to understand what kind of investment receipt he was ready for:

This is the next business day after the euphoria from the receipt of money to the account:

A minute before knocking on the meeting room with the first investor:

The entire playlist of Kirill Rodina:

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