Google Acquires Surround Sound Technology Startup Dysonics Editorial Staff

The company can use the technology for its future devices – headphones, speakers and augmented reality devices.

  • Google acquired the startup in December 2020, Protocol found out. The acquisition was disclosed in an application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The terms of the deal are unknown.
  • Some Dysonics employees have changed profiles on LinkedIn. For example, startup co-founder and CTO Robert Dalton Jr.’s profile states that he is developing “audio hardware,” and another employee noted that he is now on a team “working on audio algorithms for various Google products.”
  • Google also owns Dysonics’ intellectual property rights, including some patents for binaural audio – which renders sound the way a person hears it.
  • Google may use Dysonics employees and technology for future versions of Pixel Buds, which will add surround sound technology to the device, the publication suggests. Google may use technology to amplify the sound of Nest speakers.
  • In addition, Dysonics’ technologies could be the sound foundation for Google’s future VR and AR devices.
  • Dysonics was founded in 2011. The startup has partnered with airline Virgin America to add surround sound to in-flight entertainment systems, and has also developed surround sound software for VR content creators.

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