Putin signed law on tax deduction for classes in fitness clubs and gyms Editor’s article

The deduction will be provided for an amount not exceeding 120 thousand rubles per year.

  • President Vladimir Putin signed a law on deduction for citizens involved in sports, amendments will be made to the Tax Code. The law will come into force one month after its publication.
  • The State Duma adopted the bill on March 24. It will be possible to return 13% of the expenses on sports activities for a maximum amount of 120 thousand rubles per year, the maximum deduction amount is 15 600 rubles.
  • The deduction will be provided from January 2022 for the services of companies from the list to be prepared by the Ministry of Sports.
  • To receive the deduction, the taxpayer must provide a copy of the gym contract and a receipt. You can also claim a deduction for minor children attending sports clubs and sections.
  • In Russia, you can also receive social deductions for charity, medical treatment and education, contributions to non-state pension insurance and life insurance.

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