Tinkoff has developed a speech analysis service

The Tinkoff company provided its clients with the opportunity to connect a speech analytics service developed on the basis of Artificial Intelligence. Such a tool can be used by call centers, marketing, telecommunications companies. The system analyzes calls, facilitating the work of the quality control department.

How the service works

Speech analytics technology is based on machine learning. To assess conversations, the system uses 21 built-in dictionaries (“Client requires a boss”, “Operator incompetence”, etc.). The service analyzes which phrases affect the conversion, both positively and negatively. This makes it easier to find weaknesses in scripts and fix them.

The AI ​​system is designed to:

  • analysis of incoming and outgoing calls;
  • search for calls by specified parameters (for example, by a certain phrase that sounds during a conversation);
  • recognition of emotions (the system is able to catch notes of sarcasm in the client’s voice).
The program generates a report on calls

On the Tinkoff website, you can connect a cloud or box version of speech analytics. In the first case, calls are analyzed on the bank’s servers with payment of 80 kopecks per minute. When choosing a boxed version, the program will run on the internal server of the customer company. In this case, the rates are discussed individually.

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