Goldman Sachs has offered to stop working video calls on Fridays and evenings so that employees do not burn out Articles Editorial

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In March, investment bank employees complained about the difficult working conditions – then the head of Goldman Sachs banned work on weekends.

  • Goldman Sachs’ customer service department has introduced an “audio only” mode – the rejection of video calls for internal discussions on weekdays after 6 pm and all day on Friday, writes Insider, citing an internal letter.
  • This is how the investment bank wants to fight employee burnout. Instead of a video call, he offers, for example, to call the manager on the phone, and at this time take a walk. Goldman Sachs also proposes to replace Zoom meetings with conference calls, and if they cannot be refused, use audio calls.
  • According to the note, the investment bank does not establish this regime as a mandatory rule, but only recommends it. If a video call is necessary, for example, for a presentation and interview, employees can call up via video.
  • In March, the head of Goldman Sachs announced that he would ban work on Saturdays and would hire more analysts. The company’s junior analysts hired during the pandemic complained that they worked 95 hours a week and hardly slept.
  • Companies around the world have begun to look for ways to combat burnout. For example, the head of Citigroup banned work video calls on Fridays so that employees did not burn out, and LinkedIn sent most of its employees on a week off to do the same.

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