Twitter negotiated the purchase of Clubhouse for $ 4 billion – Bloomberg – Social networks at

The social network plans to attract investment with the same valuation, Bloomberg reported.

  • Twitter has been negotiating the purchase of Clubhouse for several months, but now they have stopped, writes Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the negotiations.
  • The companies discussed the deal when valuing Clubhouse at $ 4 billion. The reasons why the companies dropped the discussion are unknown, sources say.
  • A Twitter spokesman declined to comment, and Clubhouse did not respond to Bloomberg’s request.
  • On April 7, Bloomberg, citing sources, reported that Clubhouse planned to raise investments with an estimate of $ 4 billion. It is not yet known how much Clubhouse wants to attract and who will participate in the round.
  • Clubhouse was launched in April 2020 by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. The service is available by invitation and so far only works on iOS, but the company is already working on an Android version. At the end of January, investors estimated the social network at $ 1 billion, sources told The Information.
  • Twitter began testing its Spaces audio platform in December 2020. In March 2021, the social network added Android users to testing the audio platform.

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