Dodo Pizza Announces Leaving China After Five Years of Operation

We have done a lot of cool and high-quality things in the Middle Kingdom. Cool international team, brand, product, design, taste, marketing, WeChat and AliPay apps. 4.5 years of work. Exit with one concept and franchisee in 2016, relaunch and own pizzerias in 2019. More than $ 2.5 million in investments.

Taste adaptation, research, rebranding. New technologies. Inventions. A team that actually performed feats and did the impossible. Sleepless nights in Hangzhou. Experience, knowledge, insights. Discoveries.

We’ve done so much that it hurts to lose. So much emotion, effort, creative energy, time, our soul was invested in our project in China. And we have the resources and opportunities for development. But we are closing.

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