LG Pledges Three Years of Updates for 2019 and 2020 Flagships After the Company Leaves the Smartphone Market

The company expects to close the business by July 31st.

  • According to the South Korean company, LG Wing, Velvet, and G and V series smartphones released in 2019 and later will receive a guarantee for three Android updates. Select 2020 models, such as the LG Stylo and the K series, will receive two updates based on Google’s release schedule.
  • LG will also continue to manufacture smartphones in the second quarter in order to fulfill its obligations to partners. “This means that customers can still purchase LG smartphones that are currently in stock, and for certain devices, service support and software updates will be provided for a certain period,” the company added.
  • LG announced its withdrawal from the smartphone market in early April 2021. The company plans to focus on the production of components for electric vehicles, smart homes, robots, as well as the development of AI and business solutions. Finally, the unprofitable business will be closed by July 31.

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