Zoom has offered Russian officials and state-owned companies to buy licenses directly.

On April 6, one of the Russian distributors reported that the service had banned the sale of services to government agencies.

Zoom Video Communications is ready to continue serving clients in Russia and other CIS countries. Writes about this “Kommersant” with reference to the company.

“We are in the process of developing our approach to the market. In the meantime, new and existing users in both the public and private sectors can request the purchase of Zoom accounts through our website directly, ”the service said.

On April 6, media reported that Zoom had banned Russian officials and state-owned companies from using its video link. The next day, Zoom’s press service reported that they were “clarifying this information.” It suggested that the media data “was based on a report from one of the partner sales agencies.”

Grigory Ivanov, the founder of the Neitronics Group of Companies, said in a conversation with Kommersant that Zoom does not operate in markets that it considers toxic, as this could affect the value of shares on the stock exchange. Ivanov added that the share of Russia in the company’s revenue does not exceed 1%, so it is “more profitable for it to sacrifice this market.”

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