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In January 2013, film producer Evgenia Aronova bought a two-room apartment in the Primorsky district of St. Petersburg. The woman who sold it claimed that she had inherited the property from her deceased husband, Andrei Ogadzhanyants. Ogadzhanyants is the real name of the creator of Badoo, Andrey Andreev.

Seven years later, Aronova was summoned to court as a defendant in a claim for property reclamation. Andrei Ogadzhanyants turned out to be alive and did not sell the apartment.

Andreev told the publication that he learned about the sale of the apartment from the managers of his real estate in Russia, to whom he handed it over by proxy. He himself has not lived in the country since 2005. Aronova wrote a post on Facebook in April, where she asked for help and assured that she had become a victim of scammers and did not know who really owned the apartment, the newspaper writes.

In 2005 my father died, after his funeral I left Russia and left this apartment in the care of responsible people. They were given the keys and money to pay taxes and utilities. Some time ago, my employees, who are engaged in household affairs, including property management, contacted me and said that my apartment in St. Petersburg had changed its owner as a result of some fraudulent transaction. I was asked to sign a power of attorney for lawyers to resolve this situation.

Andrey Andreev

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Apartment purchase

The apartment was “inherited” by the citizen of Abkhazia Lyudmila Toria in 2012, and a few weeks later she sold it. According to Aronova’s lawyer Dmitry Cherney, the transaction initially alerted the buyer, but all the documents were in order. Toria explained to Aronova that her husband was an alcoholic, and after his death she wants to return to Abkhazia.

The marriage certificate of Lyudmila Toriya and Andrei Ogadzhanyants, as well as the death of Ogadzhanyants, was issued at the registry office of the Ochamchira region of Abkhazia. Ogadzhanyants’ cause of death is acute liver failure.

Forbes talked with the head of the registry office Lali Bzhania, who painted Torii and Ogadzhanyants. She said that a man came who introduced himself as a citizen Ogadzhanyants. Bzhania compared the man with a passport photo and registered the marriage.

And after a while, Toria brought a certificate of her husband’s death. At the same time, she did not have her husband’s passport with her – the woman explained that the body was found without documents. Death was registered, and Toria received a certificate.

According to documents studied by Forbes, the marriage was registered on December 30, 2008, Ogadzhanyants “died” in April 2012, and the date of issue of the death certificate was August 24, 2012.

Bzhania learned that Ogadzhanyants was alive when, in 2020, his lawyers asked the registry office to annul the death and marriage certificates.

Rosreestr responded to Forbes’ request that “the state registrar had no doubts about the authenticity of the documents provided when transferring the apartment into ownership”. All the necessary documents were provided – and their authenticity, as stated in the department, had to be verified by a notary.

“Widow” – dead, notary – convicted

The death certificate of her husband Lyudmila Toria was issued by the notary Nina Naumova – she began her practice in the 2000s, and in 2018 she was deprived of the right to notarial activity. In 2019, Naumova was sentenced to five years for fraud with the apartments of deceased Petersburgers. In the Naumova case, Andreev’s apartment is not mentioned.

Lyudmila Toriya died in Krasnodar in April 2019 from pneumonia, Forbes learned. Now the apartment has been arrested, the next court hearing in the Andreev case will be held in May. If the court decides that the apartment came to the new owner due to forgery of documents, it will be returned to the real owner. Andreev himself is ready to help Aronova with the purchase of a new apartment.

I still don’t fully understand how this could have happened. All the details of this case should be established by the investigation, but it seems to me that there was an obvious fraud with real estate. I am very upset about what happened, and I understand that for Evgenia this situation is no less unpleasant and painful.

If Evgenia, like me, has become a victim of fraudsters, then I am ready to help her with the acquisition of new real estate. It is very sad that such situations still occur, and, as you can see, absolutely no one is immune from them. I believe that it is impossible to remain silent about this, and if today Evgenia and I find ourselves in such a situation, then tomorrow anyone can be.

Andrey Andreev

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