The Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed to allocate up to 3 billion rubles to companies implementing AI Editorial articles

500 million rubles a year for a maximum of six years.

  • The department proposed to facilitate the receipt of government subsidies for developers of “competitive niche hardware and software systems for AI purposes,” writes Kommersant with reference to the draft resolution.

  • The information of the publication was confirmed in the department. For one project, developers can receive no more than 500 million rubles a year, and they must implement it within six years. This means that for all the time the company can receive up to 3 billion rubles.
  • The Ministry of Industry and Trade added that at least 30% of the project cost should be covered by the developers. In 2021, the authorities plan to allocate only 1.5 billion rubles for subsidies for AI.
  • The head of the department, Denis Manturov, expects that the recipients of the subsidies will create niche competitive systems for medical purposes, image and speech recognition, and security. Developers will be required to implement solutions in an amount exceeding the size of the subsidy at least twice, he said.
  • The government will select applicants by competition, the newspaper writes. Companies must be registered in Russia, exist for at least three years, or be included in the list of strategic enterprises (you can also be a “daughter” of such an organization).

  • There are more than 30 such companies in the radio electronics segment, Kommersant notes. Among them are the concerns Avtomatika, Sozvezdiye and the Shvabe holding (owned by Rostec), as well as the developer of microprocessors Baikal Electronics, JSC NPTs Elvis and STC Modul. The source of the publication in the market notes that the latter two will become the main contenders for subsidies.

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