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Hello dear readers and blog guests!

My name is Alexander, I am the author of the TrandInvest.ru blog, which is dedicated to investing and making money on the Internet.

I have extensive experience in investing in HYIP projects, investment companies, I trade in the forex market, and also invest in PAMM accounts, I have experience in manipulating the cryptocurrency market.

My main task is to show how you can make money on the Internet and create for yourself and everyone else a stable additional income, and for someone it may already be the main one. My task is to gather active and interested people into a team that is ready to earn and receive profit for a long time.

What the team will give us is, first of all, a lot of experience, a lot of opinions that will create a correct and ultimately profitable discussion. Personally, at the moment, I can already offer the whole team to earn 10-15% of net profit with fixed and minimized risks!

What will the Trandinvest blog give you?

  1. I will immediately tell you about the risks that exist on the Internet, and also tell you how to minimize them and build a stable income;
  2. I’m not interested in making money on an affiliate program, since I always pay the maximum REFBEC in any project that is added to the blog;
  3. I always offer insurance for my partners, basically, the coverage of losses is from 30% or more, but it all depends on the budget in the insurance fund, I often allocate my personal funds to the fund;
  4. I am honest and open to any dialogue, but I do not like being deceived, I immediately ban such people:
  5. now I can offer to study my current portfolio here;
  6. I can also suggest that you invest in automated forex trading, here you need a minimum knowledge and capital of $ 100-500 to earn 5-15% per month;
  7. I trade on the forex market myself now personally and is ready to offer to invest in my PAMM accounts or copy my transactions automatically using the server, the profit is 10-15% clean with controlled risks.

For instant announcements or recommendations, subscribe to my Telegram channel @trandinvest, there is also a separate channel about Forex @avtoforex.
My contacts for communication:

e-mail [email protected]

telegram @pozivnou

Be careful, there are my fakes on the net.

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