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What advertising should be today to attract customers, so that in conditions of intense competition, your company can loudly and effectively declare itself, and your product can hold its positions and capture the attention of new customers?

Search technology agency KAYV offers a new unique tool for attracting customers via the Internet. It is based on the mass publication of PR articles on various platforms (media, blogs, social networks, forums), which are selected taking into account the target audience of the company or brand being promoted. The guys told the magazine Reconomica about modern advertising tools.

Why are modern advertising tools ineffective?

A company that wants to conquer the market must have a profile in social networks, and special attention must be paid to SMM promotion, since today many potential customers, regardless of the field of activity of the enterprise, come from social networks.

You should not discount contextual advertising as well: due to the targeted impact, it allows you to quickly attract customers. In some cases, email still works well for promoting products and services, with the help of which you can create effective sales chains.

But every day these methods are more and more difficult and expensive to find new customers, because they are used by absolutely everyone. What tool should you use to get the first noticeable result in just 14 days?

Innovation is the future!

Mass placement of PR articles from the KAYV agency allows you to quickly declare yourself on the Web and take the top lines of the search for all key queries! At the same time, the tool can be adapted to the goals and objectives of any business.

So, the content is placed on those sites where your target audience is present. It is absolutely not necessary that these are top Internet resources, where the cost of placement is usually unreasonably high. On the contrary: the best effect is given by articles that are published on thematic resources, that is, almost 100% hitting the right target audience is ensured.

This is explained by the following facts:

  • the selection of sites is based on the analysis of the information field (search results for all possible key queries);
  • the cost of 1 visitor (depending on the site) can be only 4-5 rubles when reaching the target audience from 5,000 to 7,000 people per month for 1 key request. As a result, the price of 1 click may decrease 20 times, and article views will become 70 times more profitable compared to placement on top Internet sites!

To achieve this result, the KAYV team carries out the following activities:

  1. The first stage (preparation of a media plan):
  • based on the results of the analysis of the client’s business, a promotion strategy is developed;
  • collecting and analyzing semantic information requests about the company;
  • information field is being prepared, its analysis is being carried out;
  • sites are selected for placement, after which a forecast of total coverage is made.

Mediaplan is a unique product that is developed individually, according to the specifics of each client’s business. It includes the name of the resource where the article will be posted, a list of the main keywords by which the material will be promoted to the top of the search results, as well as the estimated reach of the target audience.

By the way, you can use the media plan yourself, because it is a ready-made set of topics for articles and platforms, the publication on which will attract the attention of a wide audience!

2. Second stage (placement and promotion of content):

  • the SEO strategy is thought out and the number of articles required for an effective PR campaign on the Internet is determined, at the same time negotiations are underway with the sites where the publication is planned: the goal is to agree with the resource owners that the material should be posted exactly in the form in which it is will be provided;
  • TK is drawn up for each article, where all the “keywords” are written, as well as its detailed plan;
  • all articles are agreed with the client;
  • and finally, content placement and promotion is performed using various SEO tools.

What will you end up with? More loyal customers, savings on advertising campaigns and online recognition of your target audience, because for most of the key search queries, people will find materials about your company! This means you can attract more customers, scale your business and easily outperform competitors.

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