Discovery CEO unveils company name and slogan after merger with WarnerMedia

Media company AT&T will compete with major streaming services, sources said.

  • The new joint venture CEO David Zaslav has announced that it will be called Warner Bros. Discovery, CNBC reports.
  • “The new name brings together a century of Warner Bros. legacy. with the global brand Discovery, which has always stood for honesty, innovation and inspiration, ”Zaslav told employees.
  • The slogan of the combined company is: “The stuff that dreams are made of.” This is a reference to Warner’s 1941 detective The Maltese Falcon.
  • Warner Bros. Discovery will be able to compete with Netflix, Disney and other major streams, according to CNBC sources.
  • AT&T announced the merger of Discovery and WarnerMedia on May 17, 2021. AT&T will receive 71% of the combined company, Discovery – 29%. The $ 43 billion deal is scheduled to close in mid-2022.

Name and slogan of the new company

Warner Bros.

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