The American Mitek has bought the service of user recognition by biometrics ID R&D, founded by the Russians.

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The startup will continue to develop its own brand, but will integrate solutions into Mitek products.

Mitek, a technology company for verifying identity using biometrics, has acquired 100% R&D ID. After the deal, ID R&D will receive up to $ 49 million in Mitek shares and cash, the company told The participants in the transaction did not disclose the distribution between shares and money.

ID R&D is a startup of Russian developers Alexey Khitrov and Konstantin Simonchik, founded in 2016. Using AI-based ID R&D technologies, financial institutions and other organizations can authenticate customers’ identities.

The system works like this: in order to create a new account and make a major online transaction, a person needs to verify their identity using documents, credentials and biometric data. ID R&D has created a system that distinguishes a living face and human voice from digital copies, a real one from a deepfake.

Following the transaction, ID R&D solutions will be integrated into Mitek’s services. The startup will continue to offer its technologies to the market and operate under its own brand.

We are proud to join Mitek to scale our leading voice biometrics and deepfake detection technologies. That way, we can quickly become an industry center of excellence to fight fraud more effectively.

Alexey Khitrov


  • ID R&D biometric technologies can be used in smartphones through a camera and microphone, on websites, in smart speakers, set-top boxes and other devices of the Internet of Things. The company attracted the first investments from the Gagarin Capital fund in 2017. In 2019, she received $ 5.7 million from Mikhail Tavera’s Gagarin Capital and GSR Ventures. ID R&D names Microsoft, Alibaba and Samsung among its clients.
  • Juniper Research estimates that 1.4 billion consumers will use facial recognition to enable secure transactions by 2025.

Demonstration of the voice authentication system

Demonstration of the face authentication system

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