Tele2 allowed issuing virtual SIM cards remotely using biometrics Editorial articles

In Russia, amendments to the law “On Communications” came into force – before that, subscribers had to personally come to the communications salon.

  • Tele2 announced the start of eSIM connections with subscriber identification through the Unified Biometric System, Vedomosti writes with reference to the press service of the mobile operator.
  • To issue an eSIM, you need to connect to the EBS and download the Tele2 application to a smartphone that supports electronic SIM cards. In the menu, select the download of the number and the tariff and go through the identification by looking at the camera and calling the proposed set of numbers into the microphone. The connection will take place in a few minutes, the press service noted.
  • Tele2 was the first to start testing eSIMs in the summer of 2019. But due to the lack of legislation on remote connection, subscribers came to the communication salon, bought a regular SIM card and transferred it to a virtual one. A source close to the company, Vedomosti, said that in this way the mobile operator sold about 70,000 eSIMs. Tele2 did not answer how many eSIMs are planned to be remotely activated in the coming year.
  • EBS was launched in 2018 by Rostelecom, which owns Tele2. The system stores biometric data of Russians – “voice and face”. According to a company representative, by the end of May 2021, about 200,000 users were registered in the system.
  • There are 232 banks that collect biometric data. The service of user identification through the system is paid, Rostelecom does not disclose the prices for it, but, according to a person familiar with the managers of several cellular companies, it can cost more than 70 rubles.
  • Telecom Daily CEO Denis Kuskov believes that many are afraid to transfer biometrics to the Rostelecom system because of the risk of data leakage and the use of biometric information to withdraw money from bank accounts and obtain loans. In his opinion, the ability to remotely buy eSIMs will not contribute much to the growth of the EBS’s popularity, as sales of SIM-cards in Russia are gradually decreasing.

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