Russian companies release workers to remote locations. Is this a new trend?

During the pandemic, talk about the delights of remote work gradually gave way to cons. The initially convenient (and profitable) idea turned out to be not as great as it was supposed to be. Nevertheless, Russian companies have learned from the pandemic history and are looking for ways to save money on their employees.
Magazine Reconomica understands what a “sabbatical” is, why it is promoted by “Sberbank” and what it will lead to.

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What is Sabbatical?

Sabbatical is a vacation at your own expense. Probably, the term sounds more interesting in English, so the representatives of Sberbank use exactly Anglicism. The bank said in a new statement that employees will have new opportunities to change their work schedule. Including will be able to take unpaid leave for a period from 3 months to a year. Among the innovations is the opportunity to move to another region and start working remotely – but with the consent of the immediate superiors. The innovations are presented as something pleasant for the employees, but in reality everything is different.

What is unpaid leave for?

In theory, it allows you to take a break from work and escape from burnout. However, theory and practice do not agree on many aspects. For example, workers need to live on something. Different sources talk about different salaries in Sberbank – someone talks about 54 thousand, someone about 30, someone about 70. One way or another, the average salary of employees of the country’s main bank does not seem convenient for a vacation at their own expense – it will have to be too to save for a long time for a year of quiet life.

But for a bank, such prospects are quite suitable. First, there is an opportunity to combat burnout in the workplace. More precisely, in reality there will be no effect, but such ideas will be reflected perfectly on the image. Secondly, new opportunities allow you to transfer people from region to region with the preservation of a job, but without spending on an office. Imagine that a worker from Siberia is offered a job in Krasnodar, but on the condition that he has to work from home. Perhaps many will agree.

Subordinate problems

But the main thing is that a new mechanism of pressure on the employee appears. The expression “write a statement of your own free will” perfectly describes the situation on the labor market. From the point of view of labor legislation, an employee is a real king, who has a lot of levers of pressure on his superiors. In fact, the bosses will always find a way to fire a person and deprive him of bonuses just to save money. Self-employment leave is the perfect way to get rid of a worker. He has no money to stay at home, so he will quickly start looking for a new job, and accordingly, he will have to quit his old job.

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How did remote work show itself?

Many organizations after the pandemic realized how great it is to save on office and equipment costs. Few employers have chosen to take care of their employees and equip them with a workplace at home. Savings, especially during a pandemic, are achieved by any means. But the workers quickly realized that working in a place where you eat and sleep is not so good. Both efficiency and enjoyment of the end of the working day are reduced. Many publicly complained that the working hours had increased – the bosses began to consider the personal housing of subordinates as a workplace, so that the workload on it could be increased at any time.

Other giants will follow “Sberbank”

There is no doubt that Sberbank decided to lead the trend and not stand out among other giants. Reducing office costs seems logical right now, because commercial premises began to recover their dock value just a couple of months ago. It is much more convenient to tell the manager to call customers directly from his own kitchen, and just close a couple of offices in the city.
The lack of legislation in the field of remote or part-time employment also greatly affects the situation. Projects are being developed, but, firstly, slowly, and secondly, without taking into account modern realities.

Some officials (including Dmitry Medvedev) talked about the need to introduce a minimum wage for remote work. The problem is that project employment does not fit money / hour pay. One way or another, the hole in the legislation is now helping large companies, while workers will buy new computers, desks and office chairs for themselves so as not to lose efficiency even near the refrigerator and stove.

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