Practice of Forex trading June 2021 + 14773.28 $ –

Warm July greetings to everyone! Despite the summer heat, the market does not stop working. In order to have a good rest, you need to earn good money. Traditionally, at the beginning of the month, I am in a hurry to report on my activities in the world markets. My account was opened with the broker Maximarkets, with whom I have been successfully working for a long time. In June, I carried out 26 trades. Of the total number of transactions, only 5 brought a loss, which amounted to $ 1694.74. The rest of the trades were successful and brought in a total of 14773.28 dollars. In the past month, I have worked in the Forex market, energy market, precious metals market and the stock market. Now more about working in each market sector.

Forex trading

During the reporting period, I made 16 transactions in the Forex market. The total profit from these transactions was $ 1997.66. By the way, all unprofitable transactions were also in the foreign exchange market. The largest loss of the past month was received on June 3 on the usd / jpy currency pair. After a strong upward impulse, a long position was opened with the expectation of the trend continuation. However, the calculation did not come true, and the price activated the stop order, thus a loss of $ 629.71 was received. The largest profit in the Forex market was made on June 30th. A long position was opened to buy the usd / cad currency pair. The profit was 407.04 dollars.

Work in the energy market

Since November last year, there has been a steady upward trend in the oil market. The global demand for this strategic product is only growing. In June, I made 2 deals on the oil market. Both trades were profitable. Taking into account the dynamics of price growth for this product in demand in the world economy, long positions were opened. Two trades brought in a total of $ 2,164 in profit. From this amount, you should deduct $ 36 of the broker’s commission.

Stock market trading

During the reporting period, I conducted three trades in the stock market. I traded the usa.30 and ger.30 indices. Deals were also opened taking into account the dynamics of price growth for these indices. Operations in this market segment generated a profit of $ 5,289.19. From this amount, $ 40.20 of the broker’s commission should be deducted. On June 11, the long position of the asset ger.30 brought the biggest profit of the previous month. The most profitable trade funded my deposit with $ 4275.58 minus $ 18 commission.

Working in the precious metals market

Despite the fact that the demand for gold in the world is growing, the price of the metals market sometimes moves unpredictably. Following an upward trend since late March, gold prices plummeted in early June. In June, I made 5 trades in the precious metals market. All five surgeries were successful. Profit from trading in the metals market amounted to 7093.40 dollars.

As a result, trading in different markets of the world replenished my deposit by $ 14773.28. If work in one direction can be unprofitable, this is offset by the result of activities in other markets. Now I have 97 408.56 US dollars on my deposit. I wish everyone a profitable trade against the backdrop of summer holidays. At the same time, do not forget about observing the rules of money management.

Yours faithfully,

Vitaly Pryadko.

July 5, 2021

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