Summer. We pump ourselves to the “new season”)

I welcome everyone, friends!

Summer has come, which is considered a holiday season in the markets. This has not always been confirmed lately, and 2020 was especially distinguished, but the seasonality is the “average for the hospital”.

In Cyprus, the hottest months have begun – July / August, many go to the Troodos mountains – there it is fresher and easier to breathe. Someone spends their days in offices and coworking spaces under air conditioning, someone sits on the beaches. We now sat at home in quarantine with children)

Everything is in order, but according to the rules of Cyprus, if you have been where covid was found, then you are welcome to home quarantine. So far, everything is fine, and let’s hope it will continue that way. Fortunately, an office is not needed for work, and everyone has their own room.

If you have decided not to go on vacation this year or have already gone (or decided later), then we can improve your trading, as they say, “for the new season”. The new season for the trader is, accordingly, autumn – there appears significant volatility and the markets become interesting (although it is possible that it will be interesting in the summer as well)

In addition to the summer stream of “Tradeology”, which has already started next week (and which you can still try to jump into), there are a couple of places for individual work. In a nutshell, individual work is the fastest way to transform from a “chaotic” trader to a systemic one with a permanent advantage.

Here I would like to say a few words about what it means to have a “permanent advantage”. Many people turn their eyes to active day trading, thinking that the more transactions are generated, the more turnover and the higher the profit of their trading (by analogy with a business). In reality, everything happens not quite like that (and even not at all like that). Day trading can be compared to the “scarlet ocean”, where they constantly try to knock you out of the game (and you try to do the same, only you have no direct influence on the market) – it is a kind of pond with piranhas. The average novice trader pays 90% of his attention only to the price and tries to trade at the price. There is a certain “race to the bottom” effect, when competition and costs eat up profits, and the trader himself goes in circles (and many traders try to take money away from each other over a short distance).

A system trader (or a trader with an advantage) always operates at a certain meta-level in relation to the intraday game, even if he chooses to participate actively in it. He looks at several charts at the same time (D1, H4, H1) sees the behavior of medium and long-term forces in the market, and is able to read waves and hidden market currents. Thus, he can determine the moments of the possible beginning of the movement and its end and may not participate in this “race to the bottom”. Moreover, he can look beyond chart analysis and look at how supply / demand, volume / open interest and market sentiment work.

A developed understanding of the market can reduce all your trading to analysis, when you do not need to find “entry points” at all. For fun, I analyzed over 100 ideas that we built with the participants in the training programs. It turned out about 75 percent of hits (this is a pure idea without execution), the graph itself looks like this (see below):

If you add a strategy and appropriate execution to adequate ideas (when you do not just enter, but enter with minimal risk), then the result curve can be improved even further. But the most important thing is to have this developed vision that will allow you to deliver a stream of quality ideas and work as a kind of mini-factory for their production. This is the basis of a trading advantage.

Who cares, I invite you to the mentoring program, in which we will build this base together. You can send an application on this page, and we will arrange a preliminary call to discuss the details.

Apply to participate in the mentoring program

The page of the “Tradeology” group is here:

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